The "No Plan" Plan

This plan does not claim to know if a God does indeed exist.If He does, He is certainly impersonal and must be some type offorce who doesn't know, show himself or bother - so why care?

We are likely an evolutionary product of a random accumulationof chemicals, much like a sand dune at the end of a hurricane.Since there is no hereafter there is no need to have a plan for one.

Live and let live is the philosophy. Perhaps life will give me a luckyroll as I take my chances. Consequences are only what befalls mein life, so don't bother me about eternity, I have living to do.


This allows for less guilt and stress as there is no final accountability for sin to worry about.

It makes it easier to get a good night's sleep.

It allows one to enjoy the pleasures of life and go for the gusto as much as one is able.

It is a fast growing plan. If popular acceptance makes something right then you're all right.


This plan is utterly devoid of any kind of Divine revelation. The only authority for such a conclusion must lay in one's gut instincts. It feels right. It is built on internal feelings, not on outward evidence.

It defies the logic of design. Every intelligent design must have an intelligent designer. It looks at room full of electronics and people and claims that the simpler designs ( electronics) have factories and designers while the complex designs consisting of intricate molecular cells (the people) have no designer.

It allows one to rationalize promiscuous behavior, thus incurring all the diseases, broken relationships, pain and emptiness that such sin brings.

By ignoring the reality of accountable sin it encourages fulfilling one's lusts, greed and pride, not to mention the lack of honoring God. Therefore, when a person faces God on judgment day, his or her judgment is grimmer because the amount of sin is greater. (See Romans 2:1-6 and Revelation 20:12-15)


Heaven is having fun now. Assuming there is no future judgment, the only thing seen needfulto be saved from is the salvation message itself.